Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nursing Diagnosis for Dermatitis: Pain and Itching related to Skin Lesions

Nursing Care Plan Dermatitis Pain and Itching

Nursing Diagnosis for Dermatitis: Pain and itching related to skin lesions

Nursing Interventions:


1. Check the area involved
Rationale: An understanding of the extent and characteristics of the skin include assistance in planning interventions.

2. Efforts to find the cause of the disorder feel comfortable
Rational: Help identify appropriate actions to provide comfort.

3. Record observations in detail by using descriptive terminology.
Rationale: An accurate description of skin eruption is necessary for diagnosis and treatment. Many skin conditions look similar but have different etiologies.

4. Anticipating allergic reactions that may occur; getting drug history.
Rational: Rash thorough especially with the sudden aeitan may indicate an allergic reaction to the drug.

5. Control factors irritant
Rsional: Itching aggravated by heat, chemical, and physical.

6. Maintain humidity of approximately 60%, use a humidifier.
Rationale: With low humidity, the skin will lose water.

7. Remove excess clothing or equipment in the bed.
Rationale: Improving a cool environment.

8. Maintain a cool environment
Rational: Coolness reduce itching.

9. Stop the repeated exposure to detergents, cleaners, and solvents.
Rationale: Any substance that removes water, lipid or protein of the epidermal skin barrier function will change.


1. Apply lotions and skin creams soon after bathing
Rationale: Effective hydration on stratum corneum barrier layer to prevent interference on the skin.

2. Use topical therapy as prescribed.
Rationale: This action helps relieve symptoms

3. Advise patients to avoid use of ointment lotion ayau purchased without a prescription.
Rationale: The problem patient can be caused by irritation or sensitization due to self-medication.


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